About Aperture

The Aperture Music Library is a collection of independent artists whose music is available to supervisors for use in film, television, video games and commercials. All of the music in the library is one-stop, sample-free, and easy-clear. We have pre-negotiated rates in place with all major television studios to afford our clients maximum flexibility when making last-minute decisions on the mix stage, and we strive to meet the creative and budgetary needs of every project.

The term library means different things to different people when it comes to music, so let’s clear that up: we represent real songs, from real artists. This is not production music, and you won’t find any knock-offs or sound-alikes in our catalog. What you will find are Grammy nominees, virtuosos, poets, and determined performers crammed into 15-passenger vans making their way from one venue to the next in the middle of the night. You’re welcome to come here looking for background source music—but you’re likely to leave with a new contender for that featured spot, and we won’t hold that against you.

The website is a clumsy substitute for personalized customer service, but at least it never sleeps. Quick searches, high-res audio files, cue sheet info, lyrics—all here, all the time. When you’re in need of something more, just drop us a line. And remember to knock loudly, we’ve all got headphones on.